Tracor Introduces New Satellite Navigator —Literature Available

Tracor has introduced a new Satellite Navigator. Named after the North Star and the submarines which first tested the Transit system, the Polaris SatNav is a full-feature, total-performance system at a competitive price. Its housing is sleek yet functional with a yoke that provides overhead, bulkhead, or tabletop mounting flexibility.

The large, two-line LED presentation clearily details the navigation data required to efficiently and safely sail anywhere in the world. Tracor chose the LED display because of fewer components and less power required, the LED display has an inherent reliability. Second, the Tracor Polaris LED display can be read from across the bridge. Finally, only the necessary data is shown for clarity and simplicity. Other navigation data is instantly available at a touch of a button, but is not continuously displayed. Polaris only draws 1.5 amps at 12 volts. The navigation program for Polaris is based upon the Tracor SatNav II, which has received international type approvals from Det norske Veritas, Norwegian Maritime Directorate, and Swiss PTT.

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